Disease-Modifying Medications

Many medications are now FDA-approved for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Each has been found to reduce the frequency of relapses and lesion activity on MRI. Some have also demonstrated the ability to slow disease progression and/or reduce the accumulation of disability. These medications are administered by injection (shots), infusion (IV), and orally (by mouth). Together you, your physician, and physician assistant will decide the best therapy for you based on your medical condition and lifestyle. For any medication to be most effective, it must be taken as prescribed. Effectiveness of any medication must be monitored over time and periodic testing will be required.


Some MS medications are given by infusion. MS infusion treatments are administered intravenously (IV) directly into the bloodstream through a needle placed in a vein in the arm.

Injectable Therapies

One of the most common ways to manage your MS is by taking an injectable therapy. There are several types of injection therapies.

Oral Therapies

The use of oral medications (pills) is the latest development in MS treatment, providing an alternative to infusions and injections.