Your Visit to Our Center

New Patient Appointment

Please use this section to help with your pre-visit planning and to find information on directions & parking.

Please complete the New Patient Form before your first appointment.

Returning Patient Appointment

What to expect during your return visit.

Please complete the Returning Patient Form before returning for your next visit. You can print this form and hand carry to your visit, you can complete this form through your MyUPMC account, or you can use a tablet in our office to complete it. Details can be found below under "Prepare for Your Appointment."

Between Appointments

Instructions on diagnostic testing, prescriptions and refills, medication authorizations, MRI resultswork and disability-related forms, release of records, release of MRI diskcontact information, and scheduling follow-up visits. See our FAQ for further information about completing release forms.

Prepare for Your Appointment

In order to make your visit as efficient as possible, you can use your MyUPMC account to complete your patient questionnaire before you come to our office. If you do not have access to a computer, you can complete the form on a tablet when you arrive for your appointment. More information can be found under "Using MyUPMC to Complete Forms."

For clinical exams, and/or research studies, you may need to undergo additional testing to better care for your condition, including: timing of ability to walk 25 feet, 9-hole peg test, vision testing, short cognitive test, etc.

Communicating With Us

How to communicate with us.

If someone else will be accompanying you to your visit and you would like them to help with planning and other care, please fill out this form. Please read the form for more information. If you still have more questions, please contact us.