New Patients

If you would like to seek another opinion as to a potential diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis or a similar neuro-immune disorder or if you would like to transfer your care to us, we ask that you schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. To schedule an appointment please call our scheduling desk at (412) 692-4920 and press number 2 to schedule with Dr. Heyman, Dr. Zaydan, or Dr. Xia.

Please prepare for your visit by following our directions. This will help to avoid duplication of previous testing and will allow you to make the most of your appointment time. Our new appointments are scheduled for 40 minutes in length. Please obtain your records and send to us via fax (412-692-4907) or mail (Attention: New Patient Visit 3471 Fifth Ave Suite 810 Pittsburgh PA 15213) at least 2 weeks before your visit.

Records should include:

  • All previous MRI reports (disks preferred over films) if testing was not completed at a UPMC radiology facility
  • Examination notes of other physicians (if your physician documents in the UPMC EPIC CARE system, we have access to these records and you do not have to bring them)
  • Blood work
  • Lumbar puncture (spinal tap) results
  • Any other related testing including CT scans, evoked potential testing, X-rays, Doppler, EEGs, sleep studies, EMGs, and any muscle or nerve biopsy reports
  • A current medication list which should also include vitamins and supplements.

We have provided a pre-addressed Release of Protected Health Information Form for your convenience. Please complete and send or take it to the physician you have previously seen or currently see. If you have seen multiple physicians for the same issue, we ask that you send a release to each physician you have seen so we have a complete set of records.

You are always welcome to bring a family member or friend to any of your appointments. Having another set of eyes and ears is often helpful especially when so much new information may be shared at a visit.

In order to make the most of your first office visit, we have included on this page a New Patient Form for you to download and complete prior to your visit. Please hand-carry it with you. If you are unable to download this form prior to your visit, we ask that you arrive 20-30 minutes earlier for your appointment so that you may complete it at our office. Due to privacy issues, we are unable to have you complete and submit this form on-line. Once a year, you will need to complete a longer, more extensive questionnaire. For all other visits, the questionnaire will be much shorter.

There are some questionnaires, however, including your UPMC patient history, that may be completed online via MyUPMC. Please click here for more information.