Your MRI Results

Since our office must receive your MRI test results and images before your next appointment, we recommend that you schedule your MRI 30 days or more before your next appointment, whether you have it at a UPMC or non-UPMC location. The report and images must be available to your health care provider at your appointment.

Please follow the procedures below:

UPMC Location

In order for the physician to view your results and images before and during your scheduled appointment, schedule your MRI 30 days in advance of your office appointment. Your report and brain and spine images will become part of your UPMC Healthtrak in your MyUPMC electronic record within 24 hours (you will receive an email notifying you that your results are complete). If you have not made a future appointment, our office will send you a letter confirming that we have received your results. Please be aware that the physician or physician assistant's review of the results can take up to two weeks. This is due to the volume of patients treated within our center.

Non-UPMC Location

When you have your MRI completed outside the UPMC imaging locations, the MRI center must mail or fax the results (and/or disk) to our office, which takes up to two weeks. Then, we have to allow two additional weeks to transfer the paper report to your computer chart in our office. If possible, please bring a disk containing your MRI with you to your next office visit. This is when the physician will review your MRI with you.

If you change MRI locations, it is imperative that YOU provide previous scan results to the radiology center. This is the only way the radiologist or neurologist can determine if there are changes on your scan. Please ask your former location for a disk copy of your last MRI to bring to your new location.